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Having your children help out with chores can teach them to become responsible and, at the same time, help lessen the tasks you need to do at home.
As parents, we have the critical task of raising children that will become good members of society. A fantastic way to teach responsibility and accountability is by asking them to help with household chores.

How can kids help at home? The article will answer this question by providing several household chores that will be manageable for children of all ages and be a worthwhile learning experience.

How Can Kids Help at Home: Different Ways!

Before asking your children to help with household chores, it is vital to consider their age and capabilities. The tasks that you assign should be easy, but at the same time would challenge them. Remember when giving a chore to your child that it is age-appropriate. When writing this article, I made sure to divide the tasks based on your childrens’ age range. Listed below are some of the ways your children can help at home.


Kids from Ages 3 to 5

Depending on your child’s mobility, assigning small tasks would help their body stay active and keep their brain healthy and intelligent. Children of this age range will not perform their duties immediately, so you need to help them first. Remember that children from the ages of 3 to 5 are still developing and will need your patience.

  • Pick up their toys

Children from ages 3 to 5 can help by picking up their toys. Be patient when you are just starting to teach them to perform this task. One way to teach them is by doing the task yourself and asking them to copy you. Use a happy tone whenever teaching to ensure that your child will not feel scared.

  •  Get their Diapers

Asking your child to get their diapers is an easy way to make changing their nappies a fun experience while also teaching them to perform some basic tasks.

  •  Help Carry Small Things

You can ask your children to carry small things like a roll of tissue paper you bought from the grocery or even your phone. What is essential is to help them feel a sense of accomplishment and instill the willingness to help. Avoid telling them what to do. Instead, ask them to help.

  • Help Set the Table

Perfect for five-year-olds, ask your child to help set the table. Ensure that your child will perform this task with your supervision. Also, ensure that your child will not handle the knives and other utensils, which is dangerous.

  • Help Fold Clothes

When assigning your child to help fold clothes, ensure that you start with small things like their socks. Starting young will help them get acquainted with bigger tasks.

Kids from Ages 6 to 12

Children from this age range can now do more complex tasks. Be sure to assign them household chores that will challenge them but still be manageable. Remember to always praise your child after completing a chore to keep them motivated.

  • Making their Bed

Asking your child to make their bed will help teach them to keep their room clean and organized. Assign a specific time each day to make their bed to ensure they learn the importance of having a routine.

  • Keeping their Room Clean

Once your child has established a routine of making their bed, the next task to assign is to keep their room clean. Ensure to teach them the importance of keeping their room clean and reward them for maintaining a clean room for a specific period.

  • Take out the Trash

This task is better for older kids from this age range. One way to motivate your children in helping is by providing a small reward for tasks. Ensure that you assign the job in the rotation if you have more than one child.

  • Prepare a meal for themselves.

Depending on your child’s age, you can ask them to prepare a meal on their own. Making a PB&J sandwich can be enough for younger children to start cooking their meals for older children.

Kids from Ages 13 to 17

As parents, we should give children from this age range more tasks to prepare them for adulthood. Teenagers need more guidance than ever, especially during their puberty years. Be firm in asserting what you want from them without appearing controlling.

  • Washing the Dishes

This chore involves asking your children to take turns in loading and unloading the dishes. Remind them to be careful to avoid anything from breaking.

  • Vacuum and sweep the floor

You can start by asking your child to clean their room before progressing to the living room. Ensure that you teach them the way you want them to clean the living room.

  •  Care for Pets

Children from this age range can now help take care of pets, especially if it’s theirs. Ask them to do the tasks related to taking care of a pet, from cleaning the poop to feeding them.

  • Launder their clothes

This task involves asking your child to take charge in washing and putting away their clothes. Before assigning this household chore to your child, ensure that you have them watch you do the laundry. Teach them along the way how to launder their clothes and remember to be patient properly.

  • Help with the Grocery

When asking your child to do the grocery, make sure to provide a budget and a list of all the things you want them to buy. To reward them for buying the grocery, set a budget for them to buy whatever they want while grocery shopping.

  • Help taking care of the backyard

This task can range from weeding your vegetable garden to mowing the lawn if you have one.

  • Help with the Family Business

If you have a family business, this is the perfect time to ask your child to help with handling the business. You can start with asking them to file papers, then move up once you see that they take the task seriously.



Assigning household chores and responsibilities to your children is essential to teach them the importance of duties and independence. Teaching them household chores will also give them the necessary life skills to help them in their adult lives. Household chores can also give your children a sense of accomplishment, which will help them realize that performing specific tasks will reward them and provide them with a sense of accomplishment.

Several ways are available in How Can Kids Help at Home, and it is important that you should also consider the specific tasks in your household that you can assign to your children.

Remember that in teaching our children how to become responsible, we also need to exercise an incredible amount of patience and understanding. Teach your children, but never command them.


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