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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion reserved not only for romantic relationships but also for building stronger family ties. Ensuring the happiness of your children during this family occasion is important since it will help them be able to build stronger relationships in the future. Research shows that strong family relationships help ensure that children will grow into adults who are secure in themselves and will not rely on other people for assurance. Aside from that, Valentine’s Day is just another reason to celebrate with your family and have fun. If you want to know more fun family Valentine’s Day activities you could try then do read on.

12 Fun Family Valentine’s Day Activities

1. Make chocolate together

 A definite staple for anyone celebrating Valentine’s Day is chocolates. Store-bought chocolate is good enough, but making chocolate with your family is something special. The basic ingredients in making your chocolate include mainly butter, cocoa powder, milk, and sugar. What you’ll do is place the softened butter in a bowl, together with the cocoa powder. Once that’s done, the next step will be to heat your chocolate mix in a double boiler adding milk, water, and sugar to taste. After the mixture is fully mixed, place your chocolate mixture in an ice cube tray or mold and freeze overnight.

What I love about making chocolate with the whole family is that it’s a unique bonding experience with the family. The chocolate you make may not taste good on the first try, but the memories you make together will surely last a lifetime.

2. Take Family Pictures

One of the best family Valentine’s Day activities I could recommend is taking annual family pictures during Valentine’s. To spice things up a bit, create a different theme for every Valentine’s Day and award the person with the best costume or the person who fits the theme best.

3. Create Love Coupons for Each Other

A great family fun for Valentine’s Day is to create love coupons for each other. It’s an inexpensive way to treat your family to something special, and it is also a fun activity you could do together. As a bonus, I included a PDF file for your love coupons, and all you have to do is print it out and write the things you want to do for your family members on the dotted line provided.

Download the Coupon design below:

Free Coupon Design

Personally, creating love coupons has been a staple in our household since it gives the bearer a reprieve for example from washing the dishes for a day, if he’s the one assigned to washing the dishes on that day, or a pamper day if he’s been feeling a bit tired.

4. Create an Annual Family Event

An annual family event will make Valentine’s Day more exciting for the whole family as a whole. It will give them something to look forward to and create an idea in your children that Valentine’s Day is not only for people in a romantic relationship but for a family as well. Aside from that, it will also teach your children not to rely on a significant other to be happy on Valentine’s Day. If you want to know more fun family traditions you could try this article will provide more examples for you to check out.

5. Watch your Favorite Romance Movies

Valentine’s Day is the best time to watch romance movies. Let each family member choose their favorite movie for your family to watch and the whole family will vote on the top 3 movies that you will be watching. If you want to know the best Romantic Films of All Time, here is an article by Time Out, which includes 100 Romantic Films that you should definitely watch.

6. Exchange Love Letters

Exchanging love letters during Valentine’s Day ensures that everyone gets a love letter and no one will feel left behind. A fun way to exchange love letters during the love season is to cut up paper and write down all the names of every family member, and place it inside a heart-shaped tin can. Each person will pick a person from the can and write a love letter to them. The exchange of love letters should happen on the day of Valentine’s itself or a day before.

7. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking food together with your family will greatly enhance your bond with them since cooking with people requires communication. To make everything more orderly assigning tasks to each family member is a great way to ensure that everyone participates and no one will feel left out.

8. Embark on a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Before the day itself, you as the parent can create riddles related to Valentine’s Day and hide them around the house. The person who will solve the scavenger hunt will win a prize at the end. Give out one general clue or riddle at the start of the scavenger hunt and let them solve the rest for themselves. This is one of the family valentine’s day activities that truly create joy in our household with all the children’s laughter and excitement.

9. Craft Valentine’s Cards together

Creating cards together ensures that each member of the family will receive a card. Additionally, it will teach your children that even if they don’t have a Valentine for Valentine’s their family will always be there.

10. Have a family game night

Hosting a family game night before Valentine’s Day is an exciting event that everyone can participate in and everyone will enjoy. Serve food that is Valentine’s-themed to make everything feel more in theme with the celebration.

11. Wear matching clothes

During your family game night, or even during Valentine’s day itself, your family can wear matching clothes. To stay in theme with the season, wear pink or red colored shirts. If you feel more creative, create matching family t-shirts with your custom print.

12. Exchange meaningful gifts

During the season, it is nice to receive gifts, especially from loved ones. To ensure that everyone will receive a gift on this occasion, try to create an exchange gift similar to Christmas so that everyone in the family will feel loved. Cut out pieces of paper with everyone’s name written and have each family member choose. Create a theme for the season, or have each family member write down what they want and set a minimum budget for each gift.

Last Note from the Author

Valentine’s Day should not be reserved for celebrating romantic relationships only. The very essence of this special event is to celebrate love in all of its forms. Teaching your children at a young age the importance of this notion will help them grow to become adults who will never crave love and affection from others to the point where it becomes detrimental to them. That being said, I hope you will incorporate the family valentine’s day activities I listed above, and that you will have great family fun for valentine’s day.


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